Tuesday, October 2, 2007

OK Kisser...Here I go with the Crazy TAG game!!

4 Favorite TV shows
1. 24
2. Fox News
3. Ghost Whisperer
4. Dancing with the Stars

4 favorite places I've been
1. Cancun/Cabo
2. Hawaii
3. Banks
4. Mt. Bachelor Skiing

4 places I have lived
1. Washington
2. Utah
3. San Francisco, Ca.
4. Portland, Or.

4 favorite foods
1. Ice Cream-Almost any kind!
2. Steak
3. PB and J sandwich
4. Spaghetti

4 websites I check daily
1. email
2. Family blog's
3. weather
4. eBay or Craig's list

4 favorite places to eat out at. . .
1. Olive Garden
2. Chevy's
3. Ruth's
4. Shenanigan's

4 favorite things to do
1. Visit family and grand babies
2. Gardening & work in our rose garden
3. sew baby quilts
4. Snow ski and fly fish

4 things I want at this moment
1. The sun to shine
2. Grand Babies close by
3. beautiful yard
4. to have my hands not hurt

4 things I can not live without
1. My husband
2. My family
3. The Gospel
4. My pillow

4 people I wish to Tag
1. Kayla
2. Jacq
3. Hallie
4. whoever has the next baby.....


Lyss said...

I love that you played the tag game....looky looky who is a true blue blogger.

Lyss said...

I love that you played the tag game....looky looky who is a true blue blogger.

Debbie said...

Oh you're pretty CUTE...and the reason I now have a blog you little tagger!!!

Brooke said...

Love it ! Mom you are too cute. Glad to see you answered the tag game..

Shauna said...

LOL! I love your responses. . . things I can't life without.. . pillow?? Things I want at this moment. . .the sun to shine. . .love it love it love it! I'm glad you are playing. :)

Tom and Kassie said...

Hi Deb!! I just got your blog address from Tom. Yipee!! I am so happy, I will check it all the time! Take care, and tell your hubby HI.

Kasey said...

Hey there! This is Kasey, formally known as Garlock, Turner. Sorry we missed you guys at the reunion. I heard it was so much fun. Next time for sure though. You are doing a great job onthe blogging! I look at is as an online journal of sort and post whatever I am feeling that day at that moment. Keep it up!
Kasey =)

Jen said...

You beat me at the tagging thing! I knew you would ;) I love that Ruth's made the time you come to town we are all over it!