Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Family Reunions are Great!!!

And this time it wasn't even mine. Rick's family had a sibling reunion, which meant no Deb!!! Hummmm.. How do I feel about that? One more chance to get a trip in and not feel guilty for leaving my husband behind. This time my little bags took me to Orem and Park City. I had my own mini family reunion. It was great! My dad had been in the Hospital and came home the same day I arrived.. I had a chance to visit with my parents, cuddle and snuggle with the little grand babies and listen to Max remind me that he's not a baby! I tell him he's still my baby!! He said I can get my own......LOL. I don't think so! I also saw my brother and sister-in-law and all my Utah kiddos. Great trip, great times and many great memories to carry on with!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Times in Washington

Memories and more memories just keep on coming....but nothing beats a great hair party! Especially since when I walked in Jess's door I look like a scary rat, Brooke had(beautiful) long hair waiting for a classy change and Taylor had bangs she couldn't see through... From that point we all were magically transformed into girlie's with beautiful hair! Jess sure can work wonders on our hair and once again the hair party was a great success!!! Thanks for the great job and fun fun time....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ohhhhhh...What a wonderful life!!

It doesn't get much better than finishing up Christmas with more grand babies and the Utahans. I just couldn't resist making a little trip to Utah for an "all out party!!! And boy do I mean party! Those Utah kids of mine really know how to live it up. We played everyday and played every night! Starting with Jen and Ross taking me to breakfast at Ruth's and then on up to Park City. Sledding and dinner at their house with Kiss and The Watson clan. Enjoying the fascinating Dinosaur Museum and visiting Grandma and Grandpa while watching grandpa tease Jacq.....playing crazy Nert's and eating until we popped, swimming at the Legacy pool in Lehi, girls night out to Chili's for dinner and yummy dessert, and of course just hanging out and playing with the 4 mighty ducks.... It was a great way to end the holidays and start 2008!! Thanks for a wonderful time!!