Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Utah Times are Always Fun Times...

Let me tell you....There's never a dull moment or even an extra moment when I go to Utah. It's always so great to see my parents, my kids and best of all the grand babies! Although, they aren't babies anymore they are growing up way too fast! Utah times really are great and fun times!

Happy Birthday Jacq!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Times in Portland

I'm a little slow on my blogs but better late than never. Joel, Mandy, Ella, Kayla and Taylor and Hailey all came over Labor Day weekend! We had such a great time with so many little grand daughters and Joel and Mandy. We also got to celebrate Joel's birthday which is a first for a long time. A great weekend with a great bunch of family all bunched together...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cutie Patootie Treasures

Welcome to my New Adventure.........
Cutie Patootie Treasures
As a Mom and now a Grandmother I've always enjoyed creating the little extra touches for my own girls and now my grand daughters. I've always wanted to have a small business and so I slowly started thinking about what I really enjoy doing. I thought of a lot of things and must admit the business I chose will never make me rich. Although I will enjoy creating little treasures and extra touches for your little ones and mine. When I say slowly I mean really slow. First I had to come up with a name. Since I have a bundle of "Cutie Patootie's", it only made since to name my business after them.. Then thanks to the artwork of my creative daughter, Alyssa, I have a logo and a "Cutie Patootie" picture. Another daughter Jen, helped consult and create business cards. Another daughter, Brooke, let me use her 2 daughters, my grand daughters, as models. Another daughter, Shauna, has been my consultant on what works and doesn't work from her experience. I had a lot of helpers to get me started. Next, I had to set up an online store front, advertise and I thought that would be it! I thought it would be easy but boy was I wrong. I tried and tried to set up my own web page and realized I needed to hire an expert. My online store is almost done and I must admit it's been an adventure the entire way. Keep checking back as I have only started to add items. If you have suggestions, please comment. When the rainy days in Portland begin I will add even more selections! I hope you enjoy browsing my store.