Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Long Awaited Bathroom Remodel

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Cutie Patootie Treasures" is ready for Independence Day!

Be in Style for this years 4th of July Celebration. Take a minute, check out our new red, white and blue products. Check out a few of the other new ideas added and especially the new lower prices.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We've decided that Grand Children are the greatest blessing in our life! They come to visit, they love us and give us all sorts of hugs and kisses. They love to eat ice cream with Grandma, they love all our crazy old toys, and even enjoy a stroll in our way cool new stroller! They usually never complain as long as I feed them, read to them and always remember to brush their teeth!! Bath time is a highlight and also a great change to mop up the floor. They love to rock in our chair, attack Grandpa, and sneak peeks at the cartoons on TV...We have way too much fun as we become little kids again along with them. Then that day comes when reality sets in and they return to their parents. We'll start resting up for next time because we may think we're still young but we get really tired as we try to keep up. LOVE ALL YOU LITTLE GRAND BABIES NEAR AND FAR!!!!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

February in UTAH!!

February is not only Valentines Month it's the Birthday month for the twins. Wow...Can you believe they turned 5!!! We partied really hard all week, ate cupcakes, partied some more, walked the track at the Gym with Grandma Lettie and we even made homemade wheat bread! Way to go Shauna!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I know, she's not a baby.. All her siblings keep reminding me OF THAT... but to me she's the youngest of the 5 and so that makes her the baby!! And the last to get married. So now those 5 kids have now turned into 10 and added 8 grand babies. Wowza!!!! This is just a very few of the pictures... Hopefully there will be many more to come! Some are of the family Bridal Shower, a few of the pretzel making day Jen and I had, and a few of the beautiful Bride and handsome Groom!!! I know....NOT near enough but hopefully more to come!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas in Portland..


It's one way to get to see everybody and for that I feel so blessed. Thanks to all of You for coming and making our Christmas complete....

Joel and Shauna catching up on the good ole days!!

What's a great game of chicken foot if you don't have an Italian soda and some popcorn!
Brooke's concentrating while Rick and Shauna are taking a pose!

Even the little grand daughters had a chance to play Dora cards and Dora domino's

Rick and Shauna don't need a gym to workout! Where ever and whenever they get the itch watch out!! They actually look like they're doing ballet! LOL....

Hailey's one happy baby!! She couldn't bowl but instead she smiled at everyone.

Brooke, Kayla, Jen, Shauna and Mandy giving us a little show before they take their turn bowling!

These 3 little munchkins, (Ella, Taylor and Kayla) were so cute to watch bowl! They had a great time and scored even higher than Ma Deb

Joel, Mandy and there girls...Kayla and Ella taking a picture break at the bowling alley.

Jason, Brooke and there girls, Taylor and Hailey at the bowling alley

The entire bunch of us at the Bowling Alley!

Christmas in UTAH!

Yeah... We have arrived in Midway Utah to begin our Christmas Vacation!!!
You can't see our feet....but we're trying out our new snow shoes up at our Condo in Midway.

Nothing was more fun than covering Barrett with snow!

Lounging around in our Condo and watching a bit of the cartoons! We had the grandson's, Alyssa and Jen the first few nights....

After a cold day in the snow playing and sledding there's nothing quite like the hot tub and swimming pool.

Barrett and Jacq teaching Ma Deb how to chill and relax!! These two have it all figured out, even in a laundry basket!

I think we picked the coldest Night to head up to Temple Square. Even though it was cold....the lights and decorations were absolutely beautiful! After dinner at Olive Garden we headed in Mass over to the Temple grounds.

Alyssa, Grandma Lettie and Jon Christmas Eve at the Watson's. What a great Evening with a prime rib dinner, Santa Claus, and the Nativity Story where we all had a part!

The kiddos are all in bed and the old folks are dressed in jammies and all ready for game night to begin!

The domino's come out and the game of chicken foot begins. Geez....are we ever a competitive bunch!! Nobody wants to loose..So whatever it takes to win seems to be the motto of the night!