Thursday, March 27, 2008

Washington at it's BEST!!!

I just returned from Washington and what a GREAT trip!! I packed more into 24 hours than I thought was even possible! While I was there we had another great hair party. Thanks to Jess I now have one great haircut and foil!! Thank You, Thank You, I love my short hair!! I felt totally spoiled this trip because I got to visit with Joel, Mandy, Brooke and Jason.....but best of all I got to squeeze, hug and kiss my 4 little grand daughters. Now, that's the BEST medicine for any aching knee and for sure this grandma!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ward Game Night at the Garlock's

******* PARTY * PARTY * PARTY ******

Sunday's are a Little bit of Heaven at our House....

This is just one example of the many blessings that come from being in a Single's Ward! The Ward Choir practices every Sunday morning at our home. I've realized I can't exactly vacumn, sew, or clean the house while they're here and so I sit back on the couch, relax and listen to the beautiful music they sing! They truly bring a wonderful spirit into our home each Sunday Morning!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's "BAG TAG" time........What's in YOUR purse?

I've given up on the "30 Little Moments" because everything I do each day revolves around my knee and believe me those pictures are getting boring and now I'm just working on getting a healthy knee.

This game can be a little scary. When I dumped my purse I realized why it weighs so MUCH!!Here goes the list: the "famous planner", wallet, change purse with $21.63 in it, checkbook, eye glasses, toe warmers, kleenex, hairspray, hair pic, comb, hand lotion, cell phone, pocket knife, sticky pad, rubber band, paper clip, car keys, camera, tweezers, makeup tube, 3 tubes lipstick, 1 tube chapstick, nail file, cuticle oil stick, tide-to-go laundry stick, bottle of tylenol/advil, 1 sharpie pen, 8 blue pens, 1 black pen, 2 packs gums, 1 pack sugar free peppermint mints and mace.

Let's see what you find in your purse?? I tag Mandy, Shauna, Jen, Brooke and Alyssa! (Wow....that's a lot to tag- oh well - play the game and see if you have more junk than the momma!!)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

30 Little Moments *17*

Comfort Food at it's Best-Thanks Utahans(Becca and Shauna) for the idea of Guerrilla bread...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

30 Little Moments *Day 16*

Sunshine + positive attitude + great food + a great nurse = A healing healthy patient!

1 week post-op * Still eally swollen*

Pictures with the scope after surgery. It looks a little scary to me, but I think mine now looks like #4.

Monday, March 10, 2008

30 Little Moments *Day 15*

Little Moments like this bring a huge smile into my life. What a blessing it is to be involved in our YSA Ward... to listen to their beautiful music as the choir practices their hymns each Sunday in our living feel of their strong spirits as they basically run our entire Ward each week, and most important of all is to have them be a part of our life and us involved in a small part of their life's. "Thank you for the beautiful tulips!"

30 Little Moments *Day 14*

I might be down and out but with my best friend "GAME READY", I'm making a comeback in NO time... Game Ready is a piece of equipment that has made somebody wealthy. I have had it attached to my leg the past 6 days...24 hours a day!! I know that's hard to in one place day after day and hour after hour but I've actually been a good patient! Big surprise.. Anyway this little treasure ices my leg for 30 mins. and then it shuts off for 30 mins.. then back on 30 mins. around the clock! I'm sure you get the idea...Great way too mess, no fuss and no dripping water. Just one very COLD knee!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

30 Little Moments *Day 13*

Tutu's and Hairbows

Friday I got the cutest phone call ever.. It went something like this "Hi Deb! Not Ma Deb, Gaga or Grandma Disneyland, just hi Deb! My little Grand Daughter Jacq thinks that is my name.. In her few little words, helped by her mother in the background she asked if I would make her a purple tutu. How do you tell a 2 year old no that asks so politely and even said please and thank you. Well, I might have a torn knee but my hands are great. I got busy and made 4 purple tutu's. One for each grand daughter. I might have to make one more for little 4 month old Hailey. Life on crutches can be OK. The crutches can be tutu holders!!