Monday, March 10, 2008

30 Little Moments *Day 14*

I might be down and out but with my best friend "GAME READY", I'm making a comeback in NO time... Game Ready is a piece of equipment that has made somebody wealthy. I have had it attached to my leg the past 6 days...24 hours a day!! I know that's hard to in one place day after day and hour after hour but I've actually been a good patient! Big surprise.. Anyway this little treasure ices my leg for 30 mins. and then it shuts off for 30 mins.. then back on 30 mins. around the clock! I'm sure you get the idea...Great way too mess, no fuss and no dripping water. Just one very COLD knee!!!


Becca said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!! :)

Abarrett said...

Happy day that you are being a good patient....loving that because you that means you will be up and around in no time!

Shauna said...

Max is just sure that you are watching TV all day. "Have fun watching comercials about the internet." Yep straight from the kids mouth. He is a funny boy. Love you and your cute cast.