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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All about me...Hummm in a nutshell!

This tagging really taxes my brain!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago.. 5 things... Hummmm. Woooza
1. Well, the one thing I know is I'm too old to remember clearly back that far..Old age but I'll guess!
2. I think that's when we all went to visit Shauna in College(BYU Hawaii) and lounged on the beach. I do love the sun..
3. Joel was finishing up his Mission in Anaheim Calif. or maybe he was home and off to
Rick's College.
4. I worked in a Podiatry office and learned to like and enjoy OLD people.(That were patients)

5. Trying to figure out life and be a good Mom and wife (hummm or not)

5 Things on my to do list today...
1. Make fudge for the weekend
2. Wrap presents and fight the line at the Post Office
3. Wash and bleach all the dingy church tablecloths
4. Clean entire house in preparation for the Party this weekend!!!
5. Motivate myself to go to Balley's

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. Ice cream----any kind, but not cheap ice milk kind..
2. Yogurt with frozen berries
3. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.. maybe anything fresh--kiwi, grapes- -yeah all of it. love fruit
4. Licorice--probably black
5. My latest is roasted almonds from Costco!!

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Add to the church a bit and pay 10% tithing...maybe a bonus. LOL
2. Find a cure for Ovarian Cancer
3. Build a cabin high in the Mountains in Midway. Ski in the, hike and play in the summer.
4. Help people in need
5. Invest the rest so we could retire, help our kids in need and relax and enjoy life.

5 Bad Habits
1. I always set my bedroom clock 10 mins. fast. I know this and so I hit snooze for the next 25 minutes. It drives my husband nutz.
2. Skipping Sunday School class and talking to my young friends in the hallway.
3. Thinking the phone only rings one way... By not calling my parents, brother, kids, friends....etc.
4. Dwelling on the things I can't change instead of living life to the fullest
5. I have a rigid routine in the AM. Don't talk to me until after my shower, hair and makeup are done . No matter where I'm at this has to be my "anal" routine. My girls know this and accommodate me well. They don't want to see the mother bear come alive in bear mode!

5 Places I have lived
1. Washington
2. Logan then Provo
3. San Francisco
4. Yelm
5. Portland

5 Jobs that I have had...
1. Picked beans and berries in Puyallup
2. Worked at a cannery on the tide flats
3. Pharmacy Tech and delivery girl
4. Domestic Engineer
5. A GRANDMA-That's the best!!!

5 Things you may not know about me...
1. Each Day I still think about my sister and miss her more than anyone could ever imagine. I have some crazy little superstitions that seem so real. Before she died she said she would always be with me no matter what, but I would have to figure out how to recognize her spirit. I have a Special rose garden dedicated to her since most of the roses are hers. I was feeling kinda down on Monday and was walking to get the mail and almost stopped dead in my steps. Her favorite rose bush is a yellow one. That rose bush had one new beautiful blooming rose! It's winter, it's cold and my roses have already been semi trimmed... but their sat the most beautiful rose ever! Superstition....hummmmm I'd like to call it an angel from heaven is still in my life. The next day I found a penny in the street which is a angel sprinkling blessings from above. Call it what you want but I know I'm protected from above. NEXT DAY....... Since I'm slow at finishing this game.. I have a little addition. Today, a day later I just walked out to get the paper. I now have 5 more roses about to bloom. Crazy or Angels????
2. Because I'm protected from is great!
3. I snore.. So Rick says, but I haven't woke myself up yet like he does when he snores!!!
4. I love to listen to music during the day....actually anytime. I don't much like a quiet house. That must go back to the days of raising the 5.
5. I wear socks to bed... Maybe nothing else but always socks!!

Now I tag five people....Diana, Emily, and any other YSA Friends of mine!

Where's the Sunshine!!!

Our great sunny 8 days in Cancun has come and gone and now we have great pictures and a great TAN to get us through the rainy weather!!! What a great vacation....Thank You Ross and Jen for hanging out with us oldies...It was really fun.

Thanksgiving Dinner Travels to Washington!

That's right....We loaded the entire car with our Thanksgiving Dinner and headed up to Brooke's in Puyallup. It was so fun and crazy and a great time putting everyone to work as we complied our Thanksgiving Dinner. Joel, Mandy and the 2 Gig Harbor cuties came along with Grandma Barbara and Brooke, Jason and the other 2 Puyallup cuties... The pictures will tell the fun of the day!

Game Night at the Garlocks.......

Christmas in October....

Pretty crazy this year... We pulled out all the stops and broke all the Christmas Traditional RULES..... I was almost decorated by Halloween! CRAZY I KNOW!!! Between Baby Hailey on her way, Thanksgiving, a trip coming up and surgery in December I got started early and decided to almost finish.. Everything except the live tree! I've already had to replace fir bows and the candy canes I've eaten. Christmas music has been blasting the house sine Nov. 1st and I can't think of better decoration to have out for so long. It has really given us the chance to focus on our Savior and his birth. I love Manger Scenes and our pictures just don't do just to their beauty. Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Geez, I got tagged.......

Hummm.... let me think about that.... I'm sure somewhere along my day I just might get to that crazy little game! But first I'll try and catch up on all my unfinished blogs. Life has been just a little crazy down here in Portland but I promise to try harder and catch up... Although today I have the flu and still only one working hand!! Soon Soon Soon......keep checking..