Monday, October 8, 2007

It takes a Village!

Sometimes it takes a village to make things happen. A "Village" just happens to be our Young Single Adult Ward. In our Ward we have 2 girls that are in wheelchairs that wanted to be apart of our Conference morning at our house. Rick pulled out all his creative tricks and great imagination trying to figure out a way to get her 500+ pound wheelchair up our stairs. That's where the village comes in, along with some ingenuity, muscles, and a lot of faith and trust on Kristine's part who has the heavier wheelchair. Sunday morning arrived, the ramp was basically cut and constructed and we were ready for her arrival!! We all cheered and clapped as she drove her wheelchair up the 2 board ramp and then across another board resembling a teeter tarter.. Where there's a will, there's a way as long as you have a village along to help. Heather, the other girl in a wheelchair was just picked up out of her chair and carried in the house. Piece of cake@!! I love having them all over on Conference Sunday for Breakfast and then they stay for the day watching both sessions of conference! We're not talking just a few kids, we're talking somewhere around 40ish+. They grab a plate, load it up with yummy breakfast casserole, pancakes made by the professional pancake flipper-Rick, pile on the fresh fruit, pour a glass of orange juice or milk and head off to find their favor TV spot. Those spots vary anywhere from downstairs, 2 TVs on the main floor and the coveted area up in the apartment. The blankets come out, because they all know that the "Garlocks" don't turn on their heat, although we actually turned our heat on just for them but the blankets still came out everywhere. Our house resembled one big sleepover! Conference was incredible with warm and touching messages that we were able to enjoy with our very own Ward Village! What a blessing they are in our life at this time with so many of our own children so faraway.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog Deb! Thanks for letting us crash at your house!!

Emily said...

Cute pictures! Thanks so much for letting us watch conference at your place! It was great!


Lyss said...

I love that you guys have the fun house! It sounds like it was amazing time in more way than one.

Deneen said...

Deb, What a great blog you have! I love to be able to see some of the fun things that are happening in your life. conference looked great with so many around, you truly glow. I miss you and I'm so glad I found your blog.

Mandy said...

Wow, what don't the two of you do! I love that you were able to accomadate the two gorls in wheelchairs! It looked like a blast, wish we were there!