Monday, July 28, 2008

The Memories of Seaside

I have always loved Seaside. As a little girl I ran and played at this same beach. As a Mom I watched my kids run and play at this same beach. As a grown up I've walked this beach and sat and watched the fireworks many times.....BUT nothing quite compares to spending the day with your grown kids and watching the grand kids run, swim and play.

Crazy kiddo's....They don't even care that the water is freezing!

Give each one a bucket and shovel and they could play for hours!
Thank goodness for towels!...They finally realized it was really cold!

Grandma doing what she loves to do.. Sitting on the beach chair, watching everyone swim and feeding Baby Hailey

We're kind of a herd where ever we go.....but not a bad looking bunch!!

There's something about the ocean that makes you starved... Good Ole Subway was a great place for lunch....along with an elephant ear and of course the ole fashion salt water taffy with 170 DIFFERENT CHOICES!!


Burgess Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! At a quick glance, I see my mother in you. I'v never really thought you guys looked alike, but I can see it in your faces. By the way, I love your hair.

tim said...

love your blog. Thank you so much for doing it. I had a great time in OR and will play with you anytime!

Debbie said...

Jules....Thanks for your comment. I take that as a real compliment to look like your Mom! What a great inspiration she was to us all!