Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Legacy of Jam making lives on ........

And on..... Years ago I would go to the berry fields with my mom and I then learned the art of jam making from her. Really the "ART" is a lot of sugar!!! As I grew older I took my kids to the berry fields and we made jam. My kids grew up on the best darn jam around. As the years came and went I continued to give my grown kids jam until one year the little red hen got tired!!! That hen would be me.. Last year I taught Brooke, Jen taught herself and this year we had a JAM making party with Brooke and Shauna and 6 little grand children. It was so great picking berries all together. Later that night the fun began. Within 4 hours the girls became pro jam makers...... one washed, one smashed, then stirred and I stepped in at the end and filled the jars and sealed them up tight. 72 pints later we were pretty pleased with our little selves. What a great night we had and a wonderful time I had sharing a skill I had learned so many years ago from my own mom!


Brooke said...

Thanks mom you are the best and you have turned me into a jam snob! hehehe Love you