Monday, April 14, 2008

Memories.....Treasures.... and the Legacy

The birdhouse legacy live on!! These aren't just any old ordinary birdhouses. Years ago my dad made these for each of us kid's and our families... Over the years I have managed to obtain all 6 of them. To me they are a great remembrance and tribute to my dad. He loves the outdoors, along with beautiful yards, flowers, especially roses and he loved to watch the birds come each Spring. When he moved to Provo a few years ago he knew he wouldn't have a place for them. So I was more than willing to beautify my yard a little more with his beautiful artwork!
This year Rick decided to be the one to refurbish and do all the painting! I was so glad because I don't have the patience like he does. A few more windows to paint and they'll be ready for the glue on flowers and then the birds!


Joel, Mandy, Ella & Kayla said...

That is way too cool! I love how great they look, way to go Rick! Wish we were closer so we could help with such fun stuff! Miss you guys!

Shauna said...

WOW! Those look amazing. Way to go Rick! You just might have to put my name on one of those. I heart the birdhouse legacy. I might have to get gma and gpa over here to take a look at those.

Brooke said...

Wow those look sooooo good! Rick I am impressed!